Windows 7 Ultimate

windows7-ultimateThis day I’m trying the new windows7 very necessary, because the previous I have WindowsXP with  many problems against the compatibility of the hardware. There is a unique attempt to install at the beginning if we have a WindowsXP, the option does not have any direct format alias upgrade. After all finished more than about 1 hour, then is the image that appears Fish Cupang walpaper (i don’t know what its call).

The explorer menu is very soft and once I make a sizable upset because this Windows7  very different with the WindowsXP. When looking for applications that we have we have to install with the folder that is almost the same as the MAC. Free version of Windows Vista is trying to steal the hearts of fans with a vulgar display features. Required best VGA for smooth view and transparant mode also high memory of RAM.

I’m still trying to adjust by using the windows with this BETA version, if you are interested you can visit the site and to download microsoft file 2Giga more of this. In addition, you must have Microsoft Hotmail email to get Product Key. With this Serial you will get a trial period until August 2009. And other information is up to download the operating system is only pertengan until February 2009. If you are interested can also contact me for burning to DVD of WINDOWS 7.
Download Windows 7 here:

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