Support to MSN Spaces, New Languages: Spanish, French (Canada) and Russian, Button to import the xml file with the saved settings and accounts directly from the “Add Account” wizard, The save post option now suggests the post title (when exists) as the .post file name, Support to DearDiary.Net, Support to the advanced MovableType options: Extended Entry, Excerpt, Keywords, Multiple Categories, TrackBack and more, Support to Multiple Categories to blogs that uses metaWeblog API, New “Add Account” wizard to make easier setup new accounts, Ordered and Bullet List options to the HTML menu and toolbar, New supported tools: Nucleus 3.0, WordPress, SquareSpace, b2evolution, Blog:CMS, UBlog, .Text, BlogWare and Xaraya, Option to toggle the XHTML compliance to the tags, Option to change the interface languag, New option to allow user to set the toolbar Blog List size, Now is possible to ping not only Weblogs.com but Technorati, blo.gs and ping-o-matic when a post is published, Pasting a formatted text is now converted to HTML tags, A new option at Edit menu to allow Paste as Plain Text, New fields: Class, VSpace and HSpace on Insert Image Window, Option to edit the generated tag after the FTP upload, Import and Export w.bloggar accounts and settings, New menu View where you can show, hide the toolbars and status bar, New Paragraph option on HTML menu and toolbar, The .post files are now stored on a xml format, The concept of a single default draft file is not used anymore, now you can save to multiple .post files, The Settings window was split in two: Options (with general app settings) and Blog Properties (with blog settings), The *.xml and *.chg files are now stored at the user´s Application Data folder, The tray icon now is always visible if the “Minimize to Tray” option is selected, Now any option that would change the edit area will show up a message box to ask if you want to save the current post, The Recent Posts window now can be resized and maximized and it´s position and size are now save, The list at the Recent Posts window now displays the Title of posts (when available) instead of the date/time, All Accounts and Settings are no longer stored on Windows Registry, now it’s saved on a xml file, More Text and Preview options moved from Tools menu to View menu, Updated Blogger.com CMS.ini settings, now the service API uses HTTPS.From the version 4 i wrote this update, all of you can see how great this tools supported by the owner programmer, almost 3 years we used and tested all update version and we get the best blog tool ever. Everything goes fast and really easy installation software this freesoftware, no adware and free malware. You can donate to the site programmer and download anytime except the site down. Or you can get this software by contact me via email or sms to 08562905000.Website: http://www.wbloggar.com
Email: marcelo@wbloggar.com
Author : Marcelo Leal Limaverde Cabral
Category: Universal XML-RPC Weblog Interface

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    • pututik
      pututik says:

      Nothing wrong, sometimes it can show up because of any changes regarding setting at wbloggar or internet connection was disconnected.
      This is normal, i am sure. But for blogspot better you use another software. We can’t add tittle with this tool by using blogger.


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