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This day really beautiful, go shinny and everything so bright. I hear music from the Indonesian singer or band D’Masive with a song “Diantara Kalian” on romantic slow session. For last 3 days, i have 3 new blog from all my partner and my special friend. We share one each other how to manage weblog and how i can manage too many site for only 2 hours. They really interesting with how to make money with online sharing or everything what we do before. Read more

Why Need Web Hosting

Speed disseminate information about services, products, services and other public is one of the measurements of success business or individual companies, the first example: in Indonesia, only with less than ten thousand rupiah in one full hour, with not only leave the house and get connection from home, you can roam around and get various information for web hosting tutorials. A medical student, with limited funds, to buy the book anticipates the price of medical studies can reach millions of rupiah, can easily obtain information science and technology through the web site, and this is the responsibility of the education provider to provide services web site to promote education. Even a lecturer should have a web site and web hosting tutorials.
When you need a Web Site:
Finally you want to market products or services excess of districts, provinces, countries, continents and oceans, while you want other people to obtain correct information about the humanitarian issues, you want to disseminate the knowledge for the welfare of fellow human beings.
Where to rent Web Hosting:
Hundreds and even thousands of web hosting service providers, there can start with the search from the search engine google or yahoo, some service providers web hosting services in Indonesia. One technology that is used over a file hosting, this technology lets you keep your online service 24 hours because dudukung by several computer servers, which automatically replaces the task server computers were damaged.
How to Choose Web Hosting:
To select the best webhosting services tailored to your needs, you must first know what your needs, choose the appropriate space web hosting needs, and do not forget to consider the price, second, if the target website visitors you later most are in the select webhosting with the server in or in a regular IIX, and if the target website visitors you most of the outside can ireland then you choose a web server with a location in the USA. Found the best web hosting tutorials if you beginner with this….

Smart ForTwo Car

Cars are sometimes synonymous with the mini insecurity. However, the model 2008 production Daimler, the Smart ForTwo is to reverse the effects. ForTwo reach the highest rating in the test of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) the United States.
Cars with a 2.4 meters long to get the highest rating for the test front and side impact. It also said concerns that consumer car berdimensi vulnerable small impact if the fatal accident. Results of the test, which was announced last Wednesday reveal, the Smart ForTwo cars surpass the length and have the same weight. The IIHS states, the results can not be compared with cars that have weight on the Smart ForTwo. This means means that the ForTwo is not more secure than if the car with the dimensions and weight on it.
President of the IIHS, says Adrian Lund, small cars are profitable use in dense urban areas, so that a small car accident in high speed. “We only want to ensure that the small car is also safe for use,” says Lund. In front impact test, a car weighing 817 kg this, spurred on the speed of 64 km / hour and then ditabrakan on solid objects. Meanwhile, for side impact test, ForTwo be hit by a car on its SUVs that speed 50 km / hour.
Meanwhile, to bump back, ForTwo get only from the second-highest rating, or Acceptable. Smart is a division of Daimler AG Mercedes Benz. Cars that are marketed in the U.S. with the start USD12.000 this stamp, consume fuel 12 km / liter for the city and 17 km / liter on the freeway. For more information you can go to smart fortwo reviews and found more excellent type or colour.

FabForex for Trading

Indeed, there are still many traders (fund managers) who work in a professional and responsible to fund their clients. But however much better if you own the start of trading and make money without “the fate” of funds you to other parties. Why?
Because if you succeed in the forex then you will not be dependent on others forever (fund manager or your boss). In the forex (foreign exchange) there are lots of opportunities (and how trading techniques) in the produce and make money. What you need is a trading system (trading system) your own personal. That way, or trading techniques that have proved profitable for you, consistent, and reliable (reliable). If you have found your personal trading system, the gate has been no success in front of the eye If you have advanced and successful in the world trading forex (foreign exchange) online, will work MONEY FOR YOU. Do not close the possibility you will be “prompted” by a friend or relation to the funds they play. We alone know some traders who have found their own trading system, a highly successful funds and then play up to their client count hundreds of thousands of EUR (billion rupiah) to millions of CAD (tens of billions of rupiah). Percentages are of course, they get very FOREIGN USUAL (USD thousands to tens of thousands USD per month!)
Fab Forex is a guide to online forex currency trading. Now you can invest in foreign currency from your personal computer at low exchange rates. Forex trading can be risky like playing the stock market, but with proper research and dedication there are massive profits to be made on the Forex market. Visit Forex Trading for more information.
What is Forex Trading (forex) Online gambling is (gambling)?
I can not be. Gambling or not is depending on the style of each trader. If you make a trade based on the “feeling” or speculative, and the original figure. You can be gambling, but if you make a trade based on technical analysis of forex and a mature, well-Technical Analysis (Technical Analysis) or fundamental analysis (Analysis of fundamentals), then you pejudi but is not a trader.
What is Forex Trading Business (forex) Online is a high risk?
Usually people who experienced large losses in the forex business are greedy and want rich quick regardless of the risks. The forex is a business that requires patience, exercise analyze the market, and risk management. The more often you practice, the more skilled you will analyze the market, and I guarantee you will not want to work longer a slave of money, but money will work for you.
In forex you can determine how much profit you’d like to get and how many losses are the responsibility of you. So essentially, is the “actors” in the back. Not forex high risk, but how the style of the traders themselves.
What is Forex Trading (forex) Online is only for rich people, in the sense that requires a large amount of capital?
No, because the forex trading (forex) Online with different forex trading (forex) traditional (offline). Online trading service providers (for convenience I will call the broker) is usually only require that the initial deposit is relatively small (a minimum of approximately USD $ 250), or even free. (Special for beginners can click on HERE to sign up to the broker forex (foreign exchange) and get a free $ 5 to register only). Try to compare with the traditional forex brokers require a minimum initial deposit $ 10,000.
What are the advantages Forex Trading (forex) Online trading compared with the traditional (offline)?
Many online brokers that provide the facilities free of commission, while offline brokers in Indonesia typically charge $ 50 each settlement / close to the open position. You can monitor directly the position that you open and the decision to buy or sell 100% in your hands. Good when you want to close the position, how much you’d like to play, how many pairs in the position, etc. You can learn forex practices directly without using a broker services less often responsible for the fate / loss from clients (because although win or lose, in the end the broker you will get a permanent commission)
You can use the lot number of flexible (which is to help you have limited capital)
Spreads (the difference between the selling price and buying) small (the smaller the better) so that the possibility of profit you higher Distance message position (pending order) are relatively small (10 points) and closed position, which is usually only 1-5 points only. Compare that with brokers offline pending orders must be at least 30 points from running, and at least 10 points a position close to deadlock. You can be trading directly with service providers (brokers) without any intermediary (middleman, often in disalahartikan as a broker) You will experience a very valuable way to practice and the practice of trading directly with the way open for a free demo account and use the trading software available on the internet. There are lots of indicators, analysis, trading and software that is complete on the internet.

Nokia Maps 2.0

Overview Nokia Maps is taking maps and navigation experiences to the next level and introducing Walk – pedestrian navigation, in addition to Drive – world class car navigation, multimedia city guides, satellite maps and other innovative features. With free maps of more than 150 countries, over 15 million points-of-interest [POI], the world is in your pocket. Don’t get lost or choose to get lost in the right places to explore, and let Nokia Maps show you the way.

After we wrote form AGPS article and when Rosyidi give the comment here We need to know you about the benefit of Maps 2.0. You can see on the top post that the benefit of Nokia Maps 2.0 and below is the Nokia Maps Loader aka Maps Downloader. But for your information, Nokia Maps 2.0 now only support Series 60, for furture info please go to
The new Services tab will let you browse through Drive*, Drive&Walk*, Traffic* and City Guides before deciding what to buy. In addition, the clear and easy to understand graphical representation will show what region is covered by the license. You will see exactly what you buy before buying. Selecting Guides will let you browse through City Guides and Multimedia Guides from all over the world. Selecting one will show you information on the contents and you can download them directly to your device. It has never been so easy to find the right guide for your destination!
New connection mode
Map Loader 2.0 now supports PC Suite connections. This means that you can connect several devices over USB or Bluetooth connection. Mass storage mode is also supported for older Nokia Maps versions and memory cards. In mass storage mode the new Services tab will not be available and Map Loader 2.0 will behave like Map Loader 1.x. On startup, a popup will show connected devices and will let you choose the drive/device to use. Make sure you have the latest PC Suite installed (
After selecting a navigation license or downloading a guide you will be transferred to the payment page. Enter you credit card data; confirm payment and the license will be downloaded to your device. Your credit card data is sent over a secure https connection. You will also receive an email receipt.
Purchased licenses
In the bottom of the Services screen, there is a list of your previously purchased licenses and their expiration date. This will help you to see when it is time to renew you licenses.
Download Map Loader 2.0 and let us know what you think! Make sure to uninstall any older version of maploader before installing Map Loader 2.0. Note that this is still a beta, so there are some limitations which still confused with Series 4.0.

A-GPS the Assisted Global Positioning System

What is Assisted GPS?
Assisted Global Positioning System (A-GPS) assists your device in finding satellites. When using A-GPS, your device receives useful satellite information from an assistance data server over the cellular network. When your device is not receiving assisted data, it tries to detect the available satellites. With the assisted data your device can detect the set of satellites that are worth listening to, that is, the satellites that are on the same side of the planet with your device. A-GPS speeds up the location calculation remarkably. A-GPS is a network service. It is used by default in Nokia devices that support A-GPS, if no service provider specific A-GPS settings are available. A-GPS is available in all countries and does not depend on specific operator services.
What are the advantages and benefits of A-GPS?
A-GPS is designed to enable the device to establish the satellite fix more quickly and reliably than with standalone GPS. For example, positioning is obtained faster in cold-start situations, that is, when the GPS connection has been off for a long time, or if the user has travelled to a different country. With A-GPS, the approximate time to establish a GPS connection decreases significantly. As it may take minutes for a device using GPS to establish a GPS connection in a cold-start situation, A-GPS decreases the required time typically to tens of seconds.
In addition, A-GPS reduces the time the device requires to find its current position, known as ‘Time To First Fix’ (TTFF), for most geographical locations worldwide.
GPS has some restrictions which also apply to A-GPS. For example, the availability and quality of signals may be affected by buildings, natural obstacles, weather conditions, and the location of the user. If you are indoors, move to an open space outdoors. Ensure also that your hand does not cover the GPS receiver, which is located in the bottom of your device.
What kind of cellular network and data connection is used for A-GPS?
A-GPS uses 3G and 2G cellular network connection and GPRS AND EGPRS packet data connection. You must also have an internet access point defined in your compatible device. Wireless LAN (WLAN) access points are not currently supported when using A-GPS.
Where can I use A-GPS?
A-GPS is available worldwide, as long as you have access to the cellular network and a data connection. You can also use the service outside your home network (while roaming). A-GPS does not depend on specific operator services.
What does A-GPS cost?
Downloading assisted data involves the transmission of some amounts of data through your service provider’s network. Typically getting the GPS connection with A-GPS requires less than 10kB of data being transferred.
All data transmission costs are paid by the user. Outside your home cellular network, that is, while roaming, the costs may vary. Contact the service provider for information about data transmission costs.
How do I start using A-GPS with Maps on my mobile device with internal GPS receiver (e.g. Nokia N95)?
When you use Nokia Maps for the first time, you have to define an internet access point for downloading map information and using A-GPS. The device asks: ‘Access point is required for secure positioning. Define now?’ or ‘Assisted GPS and network based positioning requires a network connection. Enable network usage and define access point now?’. The question depends on your device. To define the access point that A-GPS will use, select ‘Yes’. If you select ‘No’, you can define the access point later: select Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Positioning > Positioning Methods > Assisted GPS.
Which settings do I need for using A-GPS on my mobile device with internal GPS receiver (e.g. Nokia N95)?
1. Define the address for the positioning server. The settings should be defined automatically when the device is switched on for the first time. To check the server address, select Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Positioning > Positioning Server.
The address of the A-GPS is
If your network service provider has defined its own A-GPS specific settings for your device, these will override the A-GPS settings when you switch on the device for the first time.
2. Define the access point to be used to connect to the positioning server. To define the access point, select Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Positioning > Positioning Server.
3. Activate A-GPS. To activate A-GPS, select Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Positioning > Positioning Methods > Assisted GPS.
How can I disable A-GPS on my mobile device with internal GPS receiver (e.g. Nokia N95)?
You can disable A-GPS and use standalone GPS instead.
To disable A-GPS, select Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Positioning > Positioning Methods > Assisted GPS.
How can I get the A-GPS to my mobile device with internal GPS receiver (e.g. Nokia N95)?
To download the updated software that has the A-GPS settings built in, use the Nokia Software Updater. It is a free PC application, which allows you to update the device software on compatible Nokia devices.
The link to Nokia Software Updater is available in the most recent versions of Nokia PC Suite software or directly at
What happens to my navigation license after I have updated the new software to my mobile device with internal GPS receiver (e.g. Nokia N95)?

After a software update, you can manually update your navigation license:
1. Start the Nokia Maps application.
2. Select Options > Extras > My licenses.
3. Select Update.
4. To allow a connection to the license server to check the purchase & license options, select ‘Yes’ and then select the correct internet access point if necessary.
5.A note ‘xxx-day license activated’ is displayed, in which ‘xxx’ refers to the number of days that are left of your license. Alternatively, the device informs you that the license is updated.
This article from Nokia.Com

Credit Repair Solution

When we have any problem consist in our credit, such an embrrassing mess or some bad history of background that can breakdown our approvment. Get a lot oh frustration because our credit history will stick forever, or it takes to clean up. But how to improve your existing positive Credit Repair, spent your time to finally approved with Credit Repair Services.
If you need information about how to resolved the Bad Credit Repair for your activity like, get nice apartment, approved for the car, start bussiness or go to foreign school. Use Repair Credit, because if you know, There are two acts, the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) which was recently revised into the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACT Act), and the FDCPA (Fair Debts Collections Practices Act). These two acts were set up to protect your credit rights. Sounds like legal stuff right? Don’t worry, they’re simple to understand. What they basically do for you is hold your creditors and credit bureaus responsiblelegally. Which means every claim against your credit they have to back up, and provewhich is a beautiful thing. Be sure, they will sent you the detail information and get the solution from them but you will not pay much after they repair your bad credit.

My New Hosting

I remember this website was oldy style before and the hosting sometimes down. But we take applause for gegar hosting service, which keep this website online before. One year ago some hacker delete my data and we lost them with my applause too 😛
After the breaking news about my poject in reviews and a lot of project pending or reject, we start to change the hosting service to idwebspace host and i will make another backbone backup to bluehost. Actually all my domain will move there just for easy hosting management. Thanks to idwebspace and team, by your time and fast update alive again.

Hometown Hero: Game

Diner dashYesterday I was looking some new games for my little child arya, he was bored with the old game on my computer and talk to me about animal game. I told if we have the animal game call “TK BINATANG” and feeding frenzies, but he need the new one with new improvement. I know this is good for his imagination, so searching to all game centre website. All provider have a good challenge, but we need small game with small memory resources. Arya always enjoy with game in flash animation, I found DinerDash.Com with some animal scenery game.
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Mempersiapkan Mental Belajar

Pada suatu hari arya bertanya kepada kami, “pa, kapan aku sekolah? aku khan sudah besar, mau main sama temen-temennya itu lho” lengkap dengan logat kekanak-kanakan serta bahasa indonesia yang njawani. Usianya masih 2,5 tahun kala itu dan belum ada Sekolah Taman Kanak-kanak yang bersedia menerimanya, paling juga play group yang biayanya bisa buat beli laptop baru. Akirnya kami tergerak untuk mencuri start agar kesempatan baik dan niat sang anak untuk sekolah kami realisasikan. Sadar atau tidak, jika kita terlalu sibuk dengan usaha maka tunggulah lepasnya perhatian moral, mental serta spiritual pada diri anak. Itulah motivasi kami hingga membuat rumah sebagai taman bermain sekaligus tempat belajar tiap hari.

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