Static and Dynamic Router

Static routing is configured manually. Routing table is set manually and stored in the router. No information sharing among the Network router. This resulted in the clear limitations because he can not automatically determine the best route; he always use the same routes that are likely not the best route. If the route change, static router must be updated manually. Because the static router provides full control on the routing table, it is more secure than the dynamic router.
Dynamic routing is able to create their own routing table to talk with fellow router. To do so, he found an alternative route and the route that are on the network. Dynamic router can make a decision on which route a packet reaches the destination. Generally, he sends the package to the most efficient route; the one that produces fewer number of hop. However, if the jammed route, dynamic route can send packages to the alternative route by servers.
What is rouer?Routers is one of the tools or hardware that is used to connect one network to another network (LAN with both LAN and WAN to LAN) so that the objective of which host on a network that can communicate with the hosts on the other network.Router work by using the routing table stored in the memory to make decisions about where and how sent the package.Than routing table contains entries with the IP address of the router interface that other network.
If you have a fast Internet connection at home (such as DSL or cable modem), you also hear about using a firewall to the home network. Indeed, network security housing have the same problem with large companies. You can use a firewall to protect the network of housing and families of attack sites and the potential for hackers. If you don’t have security product they will against you easyly.

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