Spam Remover Trick

I found usefull trick by my own caused of damn daily spam in my main email at with outlook express for Windows XP and if I trust the brain spam remover software now, like Mail Washer from firetrust. Without any bla..bla… so do with your self now and make free space for your hosting service.

Mail Washer
You can download this software here and register the product. Just set the email address and make online connection for mail check. They will list from firetrust spam database and if you add they will automatically retreive to their database for checking. It is easy and more secure and never lost your real email.

Outlook Express
Please, don’t used main host email address for global option. Change all registration by your main like mine for example at to another mail address. And now we used google at for receiving forum or using yahoo at for millist. Make sure this option will delleted all email directly from server if we go online. Straight forward show this trick by picture bellow:

Please search Message Rulle at outlook

This Option Delete From Server
Remember, this rule will delete all email directly from your main email. Never show main email address with text or link, use another way like image, script or anything to hide. Never browse risky website or cek untrust link in any email. Use freeweb email like gmail or yahoomail for not important mail. Because you will save your hosting space by this trick, I hope….
And now, we happy to say good bye the ugly spam from my email

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