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Baru saja pututik dapat email dari snapshots, bahwa mereka melakukan update dan penambahan iklan pada setiap tayangan link website yang dilakukan. Alhasil ini merupakan sesuatu yang baru bagi para pebisnis internet untuk mempromosikan layanannya di snapshots. Hanya saja belum ada konfirmasi kapan moment ini berlaku untuk publisher, biasa cari uang lagi cari uang lagi 🙂

Today at ad:tech and Thursday at BlogWorld, Snap Shots is making two big announcements:
1. We’re adding advertising to Snap Shots.
2. We’re sharing with the sites that make Snap Shots possible.
For the last year, we’ve been giving it away.
Starting today, it’s time to share.
We launched Snap Shots a year ago on November 14, 2006, and have been giving your website users better web experiences by the billion. And millions of sites around the world agree–a better user experience made them better websites.
As it turns out, a better user experience also makes for a better advertising experience. Which makes sites like yours, with Snap Shots on them, very attractive to advertisers, particularly when you’re part of the new Snap Shots Advertising Network.
Note: by default, the Snap Shots Advertising Network is turned off for websites ending in .gov or .edu. These changes do not apply to their accounts.
Introducing Snap Shares. Because you share with us, we share with you.
One of the critical components of our new Snap Shots Advertising Network is, of course, the sites like yours that make up the network. We put a lot of thought into how to structure a program that acknowledges how much we appreciate you and that’s why we developed Snap Shares.
With Snap Shares, we share a portion of the advertising inventory within the Snap Shots with you so that you can:
* Have Google serve ads via your Adsense account
* Display your own ads
* Give to a non-profit
We’ve decided to partner with Google (and soon others) to handle your share for a very simple reason: we don’t have the resources to properly administer this type of program and they do. It also means that you won’t have to deal with a new team and a new set of rules and regulations regarding your advertising payments.
Ide bagus juga karena mereka akan mendapatkan dana tambahan untuk menunjang kelangsungan hidup hosting mereka, jika tidak tentu akan tutup karena biaya yang semakin naik. Ok Snapshots just go and go for more better….

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