Smart ForTwo Car

Cars are sometimes synonymous with the mini insecurity. However, the model 2008 production Daimler, the Smart ForTwo is to reverse the effects. ForTwo reach the highest rating in the test of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) the United States.
Cars with a 2.4 meters long to get the highest rating for the test front and side impact. It also said concerns that consumer car berdimensi vulnerable small impact if the fatal accident. Results of the test, which was announced last Wednesday reveal, the Smart ForTwo cars surpass the length and have the same weight. The IIHS states, the results can not be compared with cars that have weight on the Smart ForTwo. This means means that the ForTwo is not more secure than if the car with the dimensions and weight on it.
President of the IIHS, says Adrian Lund, small cars are profitable use in dense urban areas, so that a small car accident in high speed. “We only want to ensure that the small car is also safe for use,” says Lund. In front impact test, a car weighing 817 kg this, spurred on the speed of 64 km / hour and then ditabrakan on solid objects. Meanwhile, for side impact test, ForTwo be hit by a car on its SUVs that speed 50 km / hour.
Meanwhile, to bump back, ForTwo get only from the second-highest rating, or Acceptable. Smart is a division of Daimler AG Mercedes Benz. Cars that are marketed in the U.S. with the start USD12.000 this stamp, consume fuel 12 km / liter for the city and 17 km / liter on the freeway. For more information you can go to smart fortwo reviews and found more excellent type or colour.

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