Welcome rakus, denfatur and fivta

This day really beautiful, go shinny and everything so bright. I hear music from the Indonesian singer or band D’Masive with a song “Diantara Kalian” on romantic slow session. For last 3 days, i have 3 new blog from all my partner and my special friend. We share one each other how to manage weblog and how i can manage too many site for only 2 hours. They really interesting with how to make money with online sharing or everything what we do before.
Although they still younger on blog but i must share what knowledge i had before. The first one is Rakus, will maintenance by kintanlarasati, as i know she still not confidence to wrote something there and need more improvement from me to do. She said to me, ready for review or wrote the new Song Lyrics but still confused how we can gathered money from website. Because the long distance training only by phone, she poor practice when we sharing because the internet connection from her really limited access.
The second person who really intensive for the course is fivta (aka Mr. f). He really interested for everything what i have give him to learn. He really fast understanding what must to do, regarding English content website and active posting on the web. Because he really interested how can my article on top on google or yahoo. Like cara membuat paspor, how this article seo friendly and how search engine record many article from pututik network.
The third person which have connected with me before is denfatur, actually he need to know how meta tag crawling by alexa, google and yahoo. He implement the script like fivta, but the different case is denfatur more confidence in html or php script it is easy for him. He still re arrange the blog and theme, the content not specific but i really interested with some Nokia Trick. Like how to open N82, now we make commitment how to make money online together or in bahasa you will say satu rasa.
Ok my friend, hope you more confidence and more easy to get page rank from your blog. Increase your waste time and improve your earning too. Actually this site not clear anymore, but hope you enjoy come here just for while and learn how they paid the article or how meta tag from this is search engine friendly. Life is different if you know how to start it….

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