My New Revolution Theme

Ok, here is my new theme with revolution magazine theme network. Theme in 3 sidebar created by briangardner who sell the premium theme on their market website. Better than before but this theme also not widget friendly, i don’t know if we buy their new premium theme maybe the widget work perfectly. Ok let’s talk about this news theme project, which different design with the new one.

This theme required 3 plugin for article limit post, javascript and breadcrumb. Different with what i say before, that we always doing small changing free wordoress theme here. We only adding adsense script without editing the cruciall changed. Take a look, everything work perfect except widget. Back to the pugin now, those plugin must active mode and the javascript must be exist in theme folder.Limit post plugin will be cut full article like a readmore mode, you will show “Fatal error: Call to undefined function the_content_limit() in home.php on line 14” when the plugin not activated. Adds a breadcrumb navigation showing the visitor’s path to their current location, you will show default link like this wordpress/?p=85 if the plugin not activated. We recomended you are not activate this plugin before for easy editing category path in this theme, hope briangardner give the member another plugin for this job. After the category path goes true, you may activate this plugin or not because no security effect by this one. The javascript only timer addon, that will help showing local time for your friend or collega.

This theme work perfectly with our website, sorry i am tired to wrote more. Cause i have another project from my company, if you are programmer in visual basic or delphi and can develop database with external equipment like printer or touch screen you can contact me for exlusive jobs. Just for Indonesian programmer, ping my YM ID: pututikcom for more information with subject programmer. Date close in pass february 2008, it is not joke and we hope may work together.

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  1. seocontest2008
    seocontest2008 says:

    Saya juga suka dengan revolutionnya si Brian. Tapi waktu mau download ternyata sudah gak ada versi freenya. Yang ada cuma versi bayarnya dan cukup mahal kalo buat personal blog.
    Anyway saya minta ijin nitip link di sini ya. Soalnya comment di sini gak ada nofollownya. Semoga diperkenankan 🙂

  2. Junarto
    Junarto says:

    Pak temanya bagus… Emang kalau pesen tema khusus apa wideget bisa kompatibel dengan WP ya? Saya ini buta CSS, jadi takut beli dari interenet. Sebaiknya berapa budget kita untuk tema ini berapa ya…?

  3. pututik
    pututik says:

    #junarto: widget compatible kok, tinggal kita masukkan codenya dan menyesuaikan dengan ukuran tema kita. untuk tema ini bisa anda kunjungi link yang saya terakan dalam artikel untuk single $79.95 sedang multi user $199.95
    desain ini emang dibuat untuk bisnis

  4. gorontalo
    gorontalo says:

    mas, saya juga pake themes ini, tapi kok nggak bisa dikasih comment. saya udah coba aktifkan lewat admin panel tetap nggak bisa juga. terima kasih sebelumnya.
    btw saya dapatnya free waktu googling.


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