More Hijacker Like Us

As the layman that often used theme made by the country child, alias my domestic product love often the circle checked the providers of the download service theme wordpress. Usually if there is one that is same then file this will be opened by me afterwards was seen copyright file. And the incident that repeatedly happen was the hijacking themes made by our colleague without giving copyright in the manufacturer.

Their example that theme him was unique enough to be isnaini and didats. But, continue to the hijacker felt himself was not guilty. In fact usually our country is expert hijacked, not like that??? Please see this link
Finally I contacted relatives didat that had theme “umalas” was hijacked by and they replaced the name as well as copyright ditangan they. This was really startling, whereas I used theme umalas for a long time before the site stood.
His profit theme this was not sold, if being sold by how many losses that were suffered by the lover theme hardened this. Didat personally gave him was free, I hoped that the hijacker wanted to pay bang annoyance didat. He..He..He… 🙂

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  1. didats
    didats says:

    halah! orangnya disini toooh…
    aku cari cari… ketemu juga… 😀
    makasih atas infonya mas.
    aku ada rencana untuk update umalas ini. biar lebih friendly lagih… 😀
    doakan aja semoga waktuku banyak..:P

    Susah yah… he..he..he…
    Emang diumpetin, banyak yang ngeluh juga tuh…. Bravo to didats deh dirunggu updatenya


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