Medical Alert when I am old

medicalalertI am dreaming for future life, if Alloh still give more lifetime and our child grow up they have own activity. We are alone at home no body there only me and my wife. Me and my wife active in online activity but when like grandpa or grandma we need extend outsite for refreshment only both of us. But my children afraid if we got something bad outside there, they must make sure everyhting goes right for both of us. I understand they care like me really great care about my 4th parent from my own and my wife. Almost everyday we make sure their health although only by phone.
We do not know what would like this world look like, may be our children will give us mini or micro super computer unit in our cloth for Medical Alert. Everything connected with wifi, gps and fast internet access for data convertion addressing or condition focus. Although it was still in my dream but whe we search tools like that, we found one of them in the internet. Beatifull and really modern tools for the oldman, but for everyone just make our old parent human being event we scare something bad will happen if we don’t know where they are now.
Actually this tools like medicine service alarm with support gps with logitude with latitude ordinate option. Nothing goes wrong if in your place have a good in gps satelite data receive with minimum 3 of satelite, the data will be acurate for future finding. Information may release by email, reminder and sms, according what kind of Medical Alert you buy.

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