How Fingerprint Lock is?

axxisbiometric fingerprintThis article will explain about fingerprint lock, the typical fingerprint may have as many as 150 ridge characteristics. The ridge characteristics of the finger are formed where the epidermis (the outer portion of the skin) and dermis (the inner skin) meet. Perspiration, salts and skin oil on the fingertips combine to leave a pattern on any surface where the skin touches. In the past, individual prints were compared to prints on file by fingerprint examiners. New technology enables computers to do this work. Computers are able to scan and digitally encode fingerprints so that they can be subject to highspeed computer processing. Automated fingerprint identification uses automatic scanning devices that convert the image of a fingerprint into digital minutuae (the ridge characteristics) that contains data showing ridges at their points of termination (ridge endings) and the branching of ridges into two ridges (bifurcations). The scanning converts the spatial relationship of a fingerprint’s ridge endings and ridge bifurcations called minutiae points into a digitized representation of the fingerprints. If the data can’t store digitalized the system must compact by software.
As long as all type from finger are clean the process of automated fingerprinting works by scanning fingerprints and storing them digitally in a computer’s memory. The computer then creates a spatial map of the unique ridge patterns of the prints and then translates this spatial relationship into a binary code for the computer. As new fingerprints are scanned into the computer, the computer searches for any identical prints and updates the system. This enables law enforcement agencies to identify criminals more quickly and also have access to a large data base with information on fingerprints. This alone has greatly enhanced the efficiency of the criminal justice system and also increased the conviction rate for offenders. Yes, by this system hope security more secure because everyone have different fingertips.

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