Hometown Hero: Game

Diner dashYesterday I was looking some new games for my little child arya, he was bored with the old game on my computer and talk to me about animal game. I told if we have the animal game call “TK BINATANG” and feeding frenzies, but he need the new one with new improvement. I know this is good for his imagination, so searching to all game centre website. All provider have a good challenge, but we need small game with small memory resources. Arya always enjoy with game in flash animation, I found DinerDash.Com with some animal scenery game.

At DinerDash.Com we can try online first and with downloadable trial game at PC only. The animal game we have try is Doggie Dash, this game is really easy for me, but real funny for arya. He can play the game and then learn about healthy life to be clean everyday. Cool Games After download those game, I search their new game for me of course 😛 but I am not going download the game only play with online test.
This free online game website have 6 tabs and 1 point to their blog, just follow the tab like flo & friend (the character), extras, connect, games and boutique. As I say before, I need the new game too and maybe my wife want play together. Hometown Hero is perfect I guess, because not only me can play, my wife may play this game too. Hometown Hero featuring the loveable character, Flo – the heroine who ditches her desk job to start her own restaurant. In this chapter of her story, Flo returns to her hometown to help her grandma revitalize some of her favorite – but sadly rundown – hangouts like the zoo, ballpark, museum and amusement park. This is the challenge and we must help flo do the best for her restaurant.
Rule of Game play consists of helping Flo earn enough tips every shift to upgrade each venue. With challenges such as noisy teenagers which I don’t understand the text quickly, impatient celebrities and a tough food critic from the customer, players will be kept on the top of their tip-seeking toes! If we need more feature about Hometown Hero and helping more revenue for flo we must used the Gourmet Edition.
Gourmet Edition cost 19.95$ for registration, with more especially fun new aspect of the game can be experienced online through PC. From game main page, players can visit the Diner Dash Boutique that lets players create their own avatar with the unique character, design their own creative diners and even engage in multiplayer gameplay. We will found 50 new story mode levels, 6 new customers, 500+ clothing & decor items and multiplayer mode. Users can play with friends or make new ones by challenging another player to competitive or cooperative play. Yes after this is about you and another player how to earn more venue from the customer.
For more info on Diner Dash, Flo and friends and all the game, please visit www.saturasa.com.

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