Google SEO Tips Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia

pemilu-damai-indonesiaMy article

Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009

was go down from top search engine by google, it was my false because some tricky maybe blocked by Google Robot. I feel this as drawn everyday when we checked it up on my bookmark. But i am happy event this article lost from 100 ranking page, my friend out there interested copy my article like catur on blogspot and catur corner i hope you happy with my article. That article actually show inside from my heart regarding the election campain. I miss my article a.k.a Kampanye Damai Pemilu 2009 on top of Google Search but i think it can not done.
No Problem, i will give you what type of Google SEO (Search Engine Optimazion) we provide for Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009 not promoting everything just try explain. Also in my Anarkisme Pemilu 2009 why we used this optimazion.
Ok, lets start the Optimazion of Kampanye Pemilu Damai Indonesia 2009:
1. Meta Tag

  • Used description: “kampanye damai pemilu damai’ and always used “support” or help”
  • Used various title: mixed from damai, pemilu, kampanye
  • Used keyword: pemilu kampanye, pemilu sexy

2. Tag and Categories

  • always mixed everything inside of this, because tag will be add at our social bookmark. And my false is used SEO, i think you must use News or Blog or Pemilu. You will see this article also do this, event i only try.

3. Bold Font

  • As you see, we always used some bold font for every optimized. I hope this article like my passport article thats always on top of Google.

OK guys, I hope you understand what i mean here. And also will help you in optimization, don’t forget you must use niche article for your reader. And this SEO TIPS done for my other article that have niche article. Don’t try to use same word, mixed them every wrote on your page. For everyone who ask my optimization, this article for you.

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