Compare LCD TV and Monitor TV

LCD TV provides several advantages when compared with normal TV. Figure produced to provide convenient on the eyes, the shape of a thin and slim can save room space. In addition, factors, low power consumption, also become one of the considerations in buying them.
However, there is a shortage of LCD TV from the benefits compared with regular TV. Moreover, if the price is not the problem. LCD TV prices far more expensive than regular TV using the technology CRT (Catode Ray Tube). As a comparison (reducing the price of LCD TV) price brand HD TV series LG 32LG6000 with the price of £500-£1000 on TV with 21 inch size is only worth half.
There is another alternative that can be used for those who want to economize, but want to enjoy television shows with the image quality approaching that LCD TV with LCD monitor and TV Tuner. Still, the price at the site diversity, the price of LCD monitor size 15 inch to 17 inch various types ranging from under 2 million. LCD Monitor Panasonic Viera TH-46PZ85, while BENQ FP-71G + sized 18 inch price about £1000-£1500.
For TV Tunernya should use the TV Tuner that bertipe external, that can be used without having to use a computer. TV Tuner for different LCD monitor with TV tuner for CRT monitor. So before buying impressive to say first that you want to buy a TV Tuner for LCD monitor. There are many brands TV Tuner is one of gadmei. At the site, Toshiba Regza 52Z3030D will get you 52 inches of pure viewing pleasure. So to enjoy TV shows with the quality and advantages such as LCD TV you just spent millions of under 2!
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