Cisco Security Router

In each design a computer network we will always use concentrator. Is it a Hub or Switch. Initially, we use the Hub with all the pros and minus, and that then appear Switch Hub replace the role of design in a computer network in both large and small scale. This is because the performance in the more Switch “Smart” in comparing the Hub. Natural law is present.
Switch itself is Manageable and Unmanageable you can go with Sun Microsystems. In connection with the term smart overnight, the switch is much more manageable type of smart instead of unmanageable. Meaning manageable from here is that we can switch configuration in accordance with our network needs to be more efficient and maximum. We can? Because the switches have manageable operating system itself, prove our PC at home.
Some ability to switch a manageable that we can feel is, constriction broadcast network with VLAN, so that access can be faster. The user with access accesslist, create a security network more secure. The existing port, and easy traffic in monitoring and maintenance network, because it can access without the need to be near the switch. Remember! This tool will only help us, to run what we design, good networking topology and configuration. Use Cisco Approved Memory if you need the best shop get them there.
The leading manufacturer of computer network equipment, many have switched to a manageable, such as D-Link, Cisco, 3Com, Compex and others. However, that has the equipment and certification to become a world standard, is a Cisco product. Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP), Cisco Certified Network Administrator (CCNA) and others.
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