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NOKIA 7500

There are two variants of this phone:
RM-249/Nokia 7500 operates on bands GSM900/1800/1900.
RM-250/Nokia 7500b is the North America version, operating on bands GSM850/1800/1900.
Apart from RF, the two variants have the same hardware features.
General features
Demo mode (phone demo without SIM card)

Display and keypad features
Main display: Active TFT QVGA display supporting up to 16,7 million colors (320 x 240 pixels, 2 inches active
Power switch
Side volume keys
Camera capture key
Hardware characteristics
Monoblock phone
2-Mpix camera with 8 x digital zoom
µSD memory card slot (under the battery cover)
RM-249; RM-250
General information
Copyright © 2007 Nokia. All rights reserved.
Stereo FM radio and music player
Integrated handsfree speaker
Internal vibra
2.0 mm DC charger plug interface
Mini-USB connector
2.5 mm Nokia AV connector
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Nokia Online

Aku mencoba mencari perbandingan bagaimana situs ini telah di ambil oleh mr. google dan search engine lainnya. Hasilnya bisa ditebak, ratusan situs ternyata telah melakukan link terhadap web ini. Sebenarnya sah-sah saja orang melakukan link terhadap semua situs, namun yang mengejutkan adalah beberapa situs berani menjual conten yang ada di situs nokia online. Sampai situs yang berbau hacking berbayar juga mengarahkan tingkat permintaan terhadap login situs ini.

Ujung-ujungnya apa sih, duit lagi duit lagi.

Hal ini juga menimpa vendor besar macam sony ericsson dan windows mobile. Contennya malah diperjual belikan dimana saja, situs yang menjual conten nokia sangat banyak. Namun setelah aku masuk ke beberapa situs forum flasher baik yang bayar atau musti pakai tools, kebebasan itu semakin terasa. Bagaimana tidak? Semuanya ada, bahkan versi yang tidak adapun jadi ada 🙂

Tehnik yang digunakan lebih parah, mungkin saja mereka takut kecolongan. Yaitu dengan memonitor penggunaan IP, jika yang menggunakan tools (kebetulan pinjem temen) sebenarnya bisa kita bohongi dengan membuat script ke registry agar seakan-akan ada tools terpasang dengan ID dan SN tertentu. Ada juga yang dengan terang-terangan menjual conten semua vendor termasuk Nokia seperti di iphone, bahkan ada yang berformat CD/DVD.

Dapat dari mana ya?

Nokia 6110 Navigator

Key features
* Find your way by car or on foot: your Nokia 6110 Navigator has a built-in voice-guided 3D GPS navigation system and local maps pre-installed on the memory card
* Use turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation directly from your Nokia 6110 Navigator
* Access maps and location information quickly and easily with the dedicated Navigator key
* Download maps quickly and surf the web via high-speed 3.5G
* View maps, navigation guidance, and location information clearly on the 2.2″ QVGA TFT color screen
* Take snapshots of places you’ve been using the 2-megapixel camera with panoramic mode
* Keep your images crystal clear with the sliding lens protector
* Listen to your text messages and email read aloud to you by your phone with Message Reader, with quick access from the My Own key Read more

List of Nokia Mobile Phone

I think this article is really good job from for Nokia Mobile Phone.
If you need more information about Nokia List, you can find at wikipedia. Because if you come to Nokia website, it will so slowly to access cause of flash animation. At wikipedia we can read all article more faster and more efficient.

Nokia E65 Reviews

The Nokia E65 was announced at last month’s 3GSM conference in Barcelona, alongside its fellow Eseries devices the E90 and E61i. Together with the news avalanche that goes with 3GSM, this means that this compact and attractive handset probably has not received the attention it deserves.

The E65 is a ‘slider’ and, with dimensions of 105x49x15.5 mm and a volume of just 74cc, is one the smallest S60 devices announced thus far. The styling and design of the device add to this feeling; with rounded edges and soft materials, the E65 feels (subjectively) small in the hand. This is often more important than the actual physical dimensions of a device. The E65 is as small, if not smaller, than many of the standard feature phones that it might be competing against. It also compares favourably with the E60, which was a good device but was a little larger than many standard phones.
The E65 is an attractive smartphone and shows a lot more style that the first generation of Eseries devices (the boxy E60 springs to mind). The front is a mixture of a rubbery-feeling plastic (on the sides) and a plastic housing (on the front) for the screen and control keys. The back features leather-like material (battery cover) and the same rubbery plastic from the front (camera housing). These materials add up to a phone that is easy to grip and which feels comfortable to hold.

The slider mechanism is very solid and there is a nice clunk as you slide it up or down; it is a definite improvement over other Nokia smartphone sliders such as the N80 or N95. The keypad surround and slider runners are metallic, with the keys themselves made from a hard plastic. They keys are of fair size and although they look a little (horizontally) cramped they initially perform well thanks to a combination of ridges in each row of keys and to the generous vertical height of each key. It should be possible to achieve good text entry speeds using predictive text. The device is weighted such that most of the mass is in the lower half of the slide, and as a result there are no problems using the keypad, as can be the case in other sliders.
On the right hand side of the device are four keys; the record key (voice notes and voice commands), the pencil key and volume up and down keys. These have been well positioned and should suit both left and right-handers. The E65 uses a Pop-port, located at the bottom of the device; I would have preferred to see a mini-USB port, but the necessary (mono) headset and PC cable will be provided in the box so the majority of business users will be not be too concerned.

The control keys are clustered beneath the QVGA screen, smaller than on many other S60 3rd Edition devices (56mm diagonal compared to 62mm on the N73 and 67mm on the N95) but larger than screens on comparable feature phones. Thus on-screen writing and icons can be a little small; it is a shame that the scalable font options found in Feature Pack 1 of S60 3rd Edition are not present here. The usual navigator key and control keys are present, but they are joined by four ‘one touch’ keys (Conference, Contacts, My Own and Mute) for accessing common functions. The navigator key is excellent for general use, though may not be ideal for games. A central button provides selection, while the surrounding ring provides directions. The function, calling, cancel and S60 menu keys are a little small, but a raised outer edge prevents most mis-keys.

The one touch Conference key allows you to easily initiate conference calls. This is done either by using a default (configurable) number such as a regular conference calling number and includes support for sending additional key tones (e.g. sending the ID of a call to the conference calling service), or by selecting the members of a conference call from the contacts database. The second of these modes will require support from the network operator – in some cases this may be enabled automatically, while in others it may be an extra service and you may also be limited in what type of numbers you can call. I imagine many people working in Enterprise environments will have a single conference calling service that they use on a regular basis for team meetings or similar events – it is exactly this type of person that the one touch conference key is aimed at.

The Contacts one touch key will open the Contacts application, of course, and on a second press will act like a ‘back’ key, returning the user to the previous application or location in the phone UI. The My Own key can be set to start the application of your choice, while the Mute key will mute the phone’s microphone during any call. This facility is particularly relevant to conference calls, where muting your microphone helps reduce the background noise which can blight conference calls with multiple participants. When the mute key is used, a large mute icon is displayed on the screen. The one touch keys can apparently be changed at the request of large enterprises and operators. There are likely to be E65 variants that replace the My Own key with either an operator shortcut key or a shortcut key to corporate PBX or VoIP systems.
The extra buttons are one of the key propositions of the E65 and, together with the small size and number keypad, indicate that the device is firmly ‘voice centric’.

The E65 has good connectivity options, with quad-band EGSM, WCDMA (3G), WiFi, USB 2.0, IrDA and Bluetooth 1.2 all supported. However, there is no front facing camera for video calls, so the WCDMA connectivity’s main use will be for data.
Thanks to the inclusion of WiFi, the E65 is also a very capable VoIP device. It includes the second version of Nokia’s SIP stack, which has better support for NAT transversal and therefore supports a greater range of SIP services. The Internet telephony application is also present, which allows you to manage multiple SIP services and set VoIP as the default call type when a SIP service is successfully registered. In practice, this means that, once set up, you can forget about the VoIP functionality – the phone will automatically use it when you make calls if it is able to do so.
The Nokia E65 runs S60 3rd Edition, with the usual array of applications. Multimedia is covered by Real Player, Music Player, the Camera application and Gallery. The E65 is initially shipping with the older versions of these applications, which is a shame, especially in the case of the Music Player. More irritating is the inclusion of the HS-5 Pop-port headset in the sales package, this is a mono only; a stereo headset would enable more users to get more out of the phone out of the box.

The quality of the images from the 2 megapixel camera is quite acceptable, but nothing special. There is no Flash LED, macro mode or auto focus, which limits the conditions in which the camera can be used. However, it should still be good enough for quick snapshots, and the start up and capture time is good. A few sample images are shown below.

Messaging is a key selling point of the Eseries range of devices and the E65 is no exception. The phone supports push email services from Nokia (Intellisync), Microsoft (Exchange), Blackberry (Blackberry Connect), Good (Mobile Messaging) Visto, and more. Clearly, with the absence of a QWERTY keyboard the E65 becomes more of a read only email device, although short replies are possible using the number keypad. Mobile email in general has been taken up by only a minority of enterprise users – there are a great number who might benefit from always-on access to email and who only need read access. A device such as the E65 is ideal for this type of user.
Outside of Multimedia and Messaging, there is an impressive suite of accompanying software, ranging from the standard PIM applications to viewers for Word, Excel, PowerPoint (Quickoffice) and PDF (Adobe) documents, as well as a Zip Manager (Epocware) and the Search, Teams and WiFi (wizard) utilities which are now standard on Eseries devices. Many of the newer features of S60 have also been called on to round off the package, these include the Message reader application (reads text messages aloud), Voice Control (which can be accessed by holding down the record button on the side of the device and includes speaker independent voice recognition for all stored contacts) and the Welcome applications (Settings Wizard, Transfer and Tutorial).
The E65 may not have the glamour of the E90 or the popularity of the E61i, but it should not be underestimated and I think it is the dark horse of the Eseries range. It is a reasonably well specified, but competitively priced enterprise focused device, which is ideal for office workers looking for strong voice features and a read only mobile email solution. It makes a compelling addition to the overall Eseries portfolio, slotting in between the E60 and the E50. Outside of the enterprise focus, the multimedia features are mediocre in comparison to Nseries phones, but they’re still better than much of the competition. Thus the E65 may also appeal to general consumers as its size and design will attract those looking for a little extra from their day to day phone.
The E65 is available in red and mocha (brown), is available immediately and costs approximately 370 Euros unsubsidised.
Rafe Blandford, 1 Mar 2007
See also Rafe’s E65 Media Gallery for many more photos.
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Nokia E90 Communicator

Finally the complete specs of the handset are available and the list is not at all short. The E90 comes with quad-band GSM, WiFi and HSPDA support, a 3.2 megapixel camera
with flash as well as a secondary camera for video calling in the front. It features a combination of advanced technologies that is said to enhance the way users experience work and provides faster and better quality access to important information.
It also includes integrated GPS, Nokia Maps and the flexibility of the S60 software, significantly enhancing the potential for businesses to achieve new levels of productivity.
“The tipping point for widespread adoption of business mobility is upon us, and it will take new levels of performance, greater functionality and interoperability, and broad access to mobility solutions beyond the executive suite for customers and operators to realize the benefits of anytime, anywhere productivity and collaboration, said Antti Vasara, senior vice president, Mobile Devices Unit, Enterprise Solutions, Nokia. “Now business users, and the operators and carriers that serve them, can demand a new standard of business devices combining both beauty and brains without compromise, and that is what Nokia Eseries delivers.
We’re making it easy for business professionals to get mobilized. Feedback from our customers shows that we are changing the way business is conducted in a mobile world. Building on the success of our first generation of Nokia Eseries, we are responding to the growing requirements of business customers with a new generation of Nokia Eseries devices that will exceed their expectations and deliver an uncompromised experience, Vasara continued.
According to the Finish manufacturer, the E90™ first deliveries are anticipated to take place during the second quarter of the year.
My Comment:
I don’t think so what good feature with this one, because Fax is disable now with S60 system software. Maybe vibra can make some new noise for communicator. 🙂

Aku Telanjang

Semenjak bergabung dengan korporasi ini, aku mendapatkan banyak sekali pengetahuan yang sebelumnya tidak terpikirkan. Teknologi diikuti bahkan dikembangkan meningkat meninggalkan pesaing yang sampai sekarang belum mampu menyaingi brand yang cukup simpel diucapkan dibelahan negara manapun. Dan menghindari angka 4 dalam pemberian nomor awal seri. Mampu sedikit demi sedikit memasukkan atau menggeser peran komputer jinjing. Lebih dari cukup mereka mampu memimpin setiap jeda teknologi yang ditawarkan oleh semua pakar, malah terkadang dibuat namun belum ada vendor operator yang mempu memberi layanannya.
Apa artinya jika semua itu hadir dengan kemasan yang begitu bagus namun mulai meninggalkan support terbaik mereka kepada divisi ujung tombak. Sebagai penghunus setiap permasalahan yang ada, agar perangkat dapat digunakan semestinya oleh semua customer. Yah, divisi after sales dalam 6 bulan terakhir ini seperti telajang kekurangan support dari beberapa pihak. Padahal peningkatan pengguna device ini amat sangat melejit, membuat kompetitor ngos-ngosan mengejar. Sasaran empuk kemarahan atau komplain customer adalah workshop service bukan penjual.
Boleh dikata banyak sekali pelaku kriminal dibidang penjualan, mereka menjatuhkan brand ini dengan berbagai cara maupun propagasi. Seperti pemalsuan warranty seal, dus, buku, aksesoris yang diganti palsu dan recondition. Customer sendiri punya hak untuk membawa perangkatnya ke divisi workshop terdekat dengan membawa bukti garansi. Entah original atau aspal mereka tidak mau tahu, itulah sebagian pembodohan mafia seluler yang berkelajutan namun tidak disadari. Penjual akan bilang service saja ke service resmi atau bisa kami bantu dengan biaya sekian.
Aku tak habis pikir, kami sendiri pontang-panting mensupport customer secara tulus tapi ada pihak yang memanfaatkan kemalasan customer dalam memproses devicenya. Semoga saja sehabis bulan januari 2007 ini, seiring dengan teknologi yang disupport habis-habisan kamipun disupport semakin baik oleh pihak vendor. Baik sparepart, aksesoris, sdm training, materi, swap dan pihak berwajib mampu menekan tindakan nakal para mafia seluler. Jangan biarkan kami ditelajangi oleh kelemahan support yang tidak sepenuhnya kami mengerti, kasihan mereka yang turun kejalan sedang kalian duduk berpikir.

A lot Project in My Mind

Now i am so tired, writing or typing in this blog will make my finger slowly illness. After take my job everyday at yogya to Semarang, there no hopefully new project available again. I need time to finish my job like programming and design for support my program. Lovely day lost with nothing new for the future programming. When i saw the forum there is too much new brain program inside there. Ooh my GOD, help me to straight up my mind again. I hope can so useful for everybody, not just money.

Wise Word

Saat ini millis di kantor sedang dibanjiri wise word, motivasi dan berita peringatan. Biasanya melulu berisi tentang service dan masalah kantor, namun email bernatai ini berubah menjadi wacana yang sedikit berbeda. Perbaikan diri dan semangat berjuang, tampaknya itu yang ingin disampaikan oleh rekan-rekan. Terkadang ada juga yang nyleneh memberi jawaban sekenanya, bahkan keluar dari topik utamanya. Lucu juga, ada salah satu point center yang sering menelorkan kata-kata unik berubah menjadi lebih santun dan bijak.
Itulah perjuangan bagaimana kita saling mengingatkan menjadi lebih baik, lebih bersemangat, lebih arif, lebih bisa menghargai orang lain, lebih bisa menilai diri sendiri dan lebih luar biasa. Asalkan setiap mendapat uraian mau mempelajari sisi baik buruk dan manfaatnya. Saya sendiri mempunyai cara pandang sendiri tentang daya tarik tulisan, karena untuk cepat memahami sebuah karya cukup lama alias musti di ulang-ulang. Tujuannya, apakah ini sesuai dengan aqidah yang saya miliki ataukah sesuatu yang di ada-adakan agar jalan tidak menjadi salah. Pernah email saya di banned oleh moderator forum, karena apa yang diungkapkan ternyata memang kurang pantas untuk dimasukkan. Dalam artian tidak diperkenankan menyanggah atau mendebat ulasan seseorang, inilah aturan sebelumnya tidak ada dalam forum tersebut.
Kata-kata mutiara yang meraja lela ini lebih dari sekedar pembangkit semangat atas semakin terpuruknya divisi kami di after sales, itung-itung menghilangkan stress dadakan. Email motivasi biasanya dari HRD atau team yang memang berkompeten terhadap hal demikian, ini peringatan tarik ulur terhadap pekerja ke perusahaan dan customer. Berita peringatan, wah kalo yang ini agak ngaco. Masih saja ada yang mempercayai peramal, hingga prediksi-prediksi mereka di publikasikan bukankah itu termasuk dosa menduakan Alloh SWT. Mempercayai sesuatu ramalan yang gaib dan belum tentu terjadi kecuali ata ijin Alloh SWT. Saat kita mulai percaya, was-was, khawatir dan overdone, di situlah kenistaan mengambil Tuhan selain Alloh SWT terjadi dan inilah syirik dosa yang tak terampuni. Karena pernah di banned oleh moderator, ya sudah hanya dalam hati saja atau kadang langsung ke pihak pengirim. Amar ma’ruf nahi munkar harus tetap dijalankan jika mulai melenceng, sementara saya sendiri belum mampu memberikan kata-kata penyejuk seperti para psikolog terdahulu. Paling tidak inilah si wise word yang pernah saya lontarkan murni dari hati
Sudahkah anda jujur dan menghargai kejujuran.

Training New Product Nokia. Surabaya 22-24 mei 2006

Lepas selama 4 hari saya di kota Surabaya untuk mengikuti training produk baru dan bahkan yang akan datang. Seri Nokia N91, N92, N93 dan teknologi DVB-H menyedot perhatian saya lebih dalam untuk memahaminya. Seri lain tidaklah begitu istimewa seperti ke 4 produk tersebut sebelumnya. Tingkat kesulitan bertambah seiring dengan kemajuan teknologi dan pelayanan kualitas untuk produk high-end nokia di pasar global. Disini sedikit penguraian produk mungkin bermanfaat bagi anda yang sempat membacanya dan ada referensi situs-situs bagus lainnya untuk pendalaman teknologi DVB-H.
Seri N91 dengan HDD sebesar 4G merupakan teknologi mini hardisk yang unik, memiliki fitur utama sebagai hp multimedia audio viedo system. Teknologi audio streamingnya sangat bagus menggelegar jika menggunakan headphone berkualitas. Elegan desainnya, namun memiliki ukuran berat setara dengan communicator 9210i/9500. HDD memiliki proteksi getaran yang mana ia akan cutt off sampai getaran kuat mereda sehingga pringan hardisk tidak cepat rusak. Display tidak begitu bagus dan hasil kamera relatif biasa karena ia ingin menonjolkan kualitas audio yang semakin bagus.
Seri N92 merupakan teknologi lanjutan dari Nokia 7700 (technical pilot tidak jadi launch 2004) dan Nokia 7710 (commercial product test launch 2005). Seri ini merupakan seri Nokia pertama yang memasukkan teknologi DVB-H, apa itu DVB-H akan diuraikan di bagian lain. Produk yang entah kapan diluncurkan mengingat teknologinya baru disupport beberapa negara maju saja dan tentunya hal ini akan merugikan jika produksi dilanjutkan tanpa dukungan dari vendor. Melihat protype dan saat melakukan ujicoba memang handphone seri ini memiliki keunikan tesendiri dengan kelengkapan inrface komplit seperti USB(pop port), IrDa(infra merah), Bluetooth, WLAN dan DVB-H. Bentuknya yang calmshell semi laptop namun bongsor lagi lebar membuatnya kurang menarik bagi individu yang suka segalanya praktis. Tapi bagi yang tertarik teknologi ia bisa jadi referensi, tapi jangan harap dalam waktu dekat kita bisa gunakan fitur DVB-H di Indonesia. Memiliki dua kamera dan dua tampilan layar sehingga memungkinkan kita beinteraksi via webcam, kalau disupport tentunya.
Seri N93 sebenarnya teknologi lanjutan dari N90, dengan tambahan fitur analog video output via pop port yang akan menampilkan hasil rekaman atau video di layar televisi melalui kabel khusus. Memiliki kamera dengan ukuran 3,18 Mpixel (diproduksi tertulis 3,2 Mpixel) 3x manual zoom dan 20x digital zoom, selain itu memiliki dua mic untuk tujuan stereo audio output dan berbagai fitur standard lain. Diharapkan pengguna mempelajari buku panduan terlebih dahulu sebelum menggunakan, kebanyakan kasus pengguna di Indonesia enggan membaca buku panduan sehingga terjadi salah kaprah dalam mengartikan teknologi dalam handshetnya.
Mulailah kita membahas tentang DVB-H secara sederhana, DVB-H singkatan dari Digital Video Broadcast Height jalur video digital versi h. Teorinya bahwa signal yang dikirimkan dan diolah adalah murni digital disamping sinyal pembawa GSM. Tidak seperti jaringan televisi digital sebelumnya (indovision, telkomvision dll) yang penyampaiannya secara mendatar (teresterial – T), teknologi ini memiliki lebar bandwith yang lebih baik. Kita bisa asumsikan jika 1 jalur mampu menangani 8 atau 16 kanal, berarti 2 pangkat 8 atau 2 pangkat 16 hitungan customer bisa kita layani setiap jalurnya. Sungguh irit dan efektif apalagi hitungan kanalnya lebih pasti, sesuai deret digital yang berlaku yaitu “ya” atau “tidak”. Kita tidak perlu dekoder karena dengan teknologi hp DVB-H semua proses coding-decoding data dilakukan oleh sebuah prosessor khusus dalam hp. Layanan televisi digital ini tergantung pihak penyelenggara bagaimana tata caranya, tapi bisa saya gambarkan bahwa nantinya akan ada slide iklan tentang film tertentu jika kita tertarik kita harus membayar setiap layanannya. Setelah pembayaran selesai (bisa potong pulsa atau langganan) kita diberi kode kunci berdasar nomor imei hp, setelah semua terlaksana film dapat diputar dengan kualitas teknologi digital yang jernih. Entah kapan teknologi ini di support operator kami belum tahu…..