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Have you read bid4prizes? This company bid the prices for everything, like an electronic, game toys, Apple iphone or HDTV. Check it out, you may found what you need inside. Like this transformer animated iPod/MP3 speakers

My children is one of the Fans of the 2007 summer blockbuster Transformers will appreciate this newest movie star! This speaker transforms your iPod® or MP3 player’s music into something that’s fun to “see” as Bumblebee dances and flaps his arms and wings with eyes lit bright. He’ll even sample tunes back to you with Transformers’ sound effects, right out of the movie. Stands almost 10″ tall. Powered by 4 AA batteries (order separately). Ages 8 and older. 90-day warranty. A Sharper Image exclusive.
Or you may become a VIP member with free sign up, i dont think so you loss it. All item sell in cheap price and you may bid the prize too. As we read now about this Dell computer with only $1199 for all item like this picture above.

The XPS 410 offers a variety of graphics solutions from leading GPU makers NVIDIA® and ATI® , as well as integrated 7.1 high-definition audio. This powerful audio/visual combo lets you enjoy rich graphics, smooth video and clear sound, resulting in a dazzling multimedia experience that’s guaranteed to entertain. PureVideo HD includes delivering a Blu-ray Disc video experience that far outstrip the detail of standard DVD movies. Intel Core 2 Duo offers a massive performance leap over the previous generation processor, handling multitasking, multi-threaded applications and multimedia. Ok, still waiting to acces the site and want more bid there click here
You will be the winner of cash prize from the website, because the always take some new game for everyone. As i wrote now, they take $50.000 or mercedes car for the winner. Take a tour there for just a momment and see all product inside. Win the game and the price for you at

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