Pulau Ayer kepulauan seribu

Dermaga 16Perjalanan menuju ayer akhirnya selesai sudah, padahal saya kira sekitar 3-4 hari ternyata cuma 2 hari. bukan masalah besar, perjalanan ini menyisakan satu kenangan tambahan bagi saya dimana ada banyak hal yang mungkin kurang lengkap tanpa saya sadari.
Pulau Ayer terletak di wilayah besar kepulauan seribu, kalo aku tidak salah berarti di daerah selat sunda. Kami mulai perjalanan dari mampang dan tiba di dermaga 16 ancol. Malas cerita detail perjalanan di jakarta karena memang kalian pasti bisa menebak, macet dan panasnya kota ini. Berangkat menggunakan speedboat sekitar 30 menit dari dermaga 16, tiba di ayer saya langsung mengabadikan pulau tersebut. Read more

Event at Ayer Distributor Outing

Tommorow morning I will go to Ayer, We have event for the championship regarding for technician reward. I hope this event more better and the place or game more fun than Pantai Carita. Early morning we will start from company, grow stronger together, together we can make a different purpose of this program do the best and join the rest 😀

ReviewMU and Rindu

I don’t understand about reviewmu, as i read this website will pay us for any review or we call here job has finished. Normally every review will proud in English language, but by this website we can do the job with Bahasa Indonesia. The job really simple i think, but how to manage the site for more higher price in this is still don’t understand. As new user I only try the one that improve my site by pagerank and maybe alexa rank too. Because my status always pending and reject for approval, invalid criteria maybe or the administrator still get more improvement for the site
This early morning i found the pretty girl website and she is muslimah too, I read her article “Punggung bumi meleleh” this like my own who feel lost about GOD SOUL. Ya Alloh you everything about, i can’t stand for long time because really miss YOU Alloh inside of my qalbu (heart). Dear Rindu, sorry if i copy the greatest name of Alloh here (Asmaul Husna) from your article.

Ya ALLAH, ya Rahman ya Rahim ya Malik ya Quddus ya Salam ya Mu’min ya Muhaimin ya Aziz ya Jabbar (ya Mutakabbir ya Khaliq ya-Bari ya Musawwir ya Ghaffar ya Qahhar ya Wahhab Razzaq ya Fattah ya ‘Alim ya Qabidh ya Basit ya Khafidh ya Rafi ya Mu’izz yaMuzill ya Sami ya Basir ya Hakam ya Adl ya Latif ya Khabir ya Halim yaAzim ya Ghafur ya Syakur ya Aliy ya Kabir ya Hafiz ya Muqit ya Hasib ya Jalil ya Karim ya Raqib ya Mujib ya Wasik ya Hakim ya Wadud ya Majid ya Ba’ith ya Syahid ya Haqq ya Wakil ya Qawiy ya Matin ya Waliy ya Hamid ya Muhsi ya Mubdiya Mu’id ya Muhyi ya Mumit ya Hayy ya Qayyum ya Wajid ya Majid ya Wahid ya Ahad ya Samad ya Qadir ya Muqtadir ya Muqaddim ya Mu’akhkhir ya Awwal ya Akhirya Zahir ya Batin ya Wali ya Muta’ali ya Barr ya Tawwab ya Muntaqim ya Afuw ya Ra’uf ya Malik-ul-Mulk ya Dzul-Jalal-Wal-Ikram ya Muqsit ya Jami’ ya Ghaniy ya Mughni ya Mani’ ya Darr ya Nafi’ ya Nur ya Hadi ya Badi’ ya Baqi ya Warith ya Rasyid ya Sabur

My wife and my son, pray to Alloh for me, as soon as possible we could in better relationship and more close to stay. I Love both of you… although we far away each other

Blomus Your Bathroom

Yesterday morning to try to search sites that sell a variety of household equipment with unique specifications made of stainless. Many preview by the site search engine, only that many doubted with this business. I should find a beautiful fountain that we may be installed in the bathroom in our house. Actually, because of china made less willing, as a result of a lack of good quality we can finally find a beautiful site with a variety of equipment that we expect.
Brand of this product is blomus, less actually understand the meaning, but most do not I will bring you to know little about products from blomus stainless steel fireplace set. Before we discuss about the bathrooms and equipment, there is a need to review our blomus here is to provide various supplies drinking tea prices enough to compete with around $ 18 but you will get a very high quality product. Why do I say so? Stainless products from this very qulified with the courage to give assurance warranty for 5 years take the detail of blomus stainless steel teaset.
From the other page you will found about blomus stainless steel firepit or Blomus Stainless Steel Peg Board Shelf that we need the product for our peg, really high quality product look like. Although this peg board to expensive about $15, but with their satisfaction to customer and the guaranty all be granted for this.

Welcome rakus, denfatur and fivta

This day really beautiful, go shinny and everything so bright. I hear music from the Indonesian singer or band D’Masive with a song “Diantara Kalian” on romantic slow session. For last 3 days, i have 3 new blog from all my partner and my special friend. We share one each other how to manage weblog and how i can manage too many site for only 2 hours. They really interesting with how to make money with online sharing or everything what we do before. Read more