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As the layman that often used theme made by the country child, alias my domestic product love often the circle checked the providers of the download service theme wordpress. Usually if there is one that is same then file this will be opened by me afterwards was seen copyright file. And the incident that repeatedly happen was the hijacking themes made by our colleague without giving copyright in the manufacturer.
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Nokia E90 Communicator

Finally the complete specs of the handset are available and the list is not at all short. The E90 comes with quad-band GSM, WiFi and HSPDA support, a 3.2 megapixel camera
with flash as well as a secondary camera for video calling in the front. It features a combination of advanced technologies that is said to enhance the way users experience work and provides faster and better quality access to important information.
It also includes integrated GPS, Nokia Maps and the flexibility of the S60 software, significantly enhancing the potential for businesses to achieve new levels of productivity.
“The tipping point for widespread adoption of business mobility is upon us, and it will take new levels of performance, greater functionality and interoperability, and broad access to mobility solutions beyond the executive suite for customers and operators to realize the benefits of anytime, anywhere productivity and collaboration, said Antti Vasara, senior vice president, Mobile Devices Unit, Enterprise Solutions, Nokia. “Now business users, and the operators and carriers that serve them, can demand a new standard of business devices combining both beauty and brains without compromise, and that is what Nokia Eseries delivers.
We’re making it easy for business professionals to get mobilized. Feedback from our customers shows that we are changing the way business is conducted in a mobile world. Building on the success of our first generation of Nokia Eseries, we are responding to the growing requirements of business customers with a new generation of Nokia Eseries devices that will exceed their expectations and deliver an uncompromised experience, Vasara continued.
According to the Finish manufacturer, the E90™ first deliveries are anticipated to take place during the second quarter of the year.
My Comment:
I don’t think so what good feature with this one, because Fax is disable now with S60 system software. Maybe vibra can make some new noise for communicator. 🙂

Fitnahnya seorang istri atas suaminya

Penulis: Al-Ustadzah Ummu Ishaq Zulfa Husein Al-Atsariyyah
 Kecintaan kepada istri, tanpa disadari banyak menggiring suami ke bibir jurang petaka. Betapa banyak suami yang memusuhi orang tuanya demi membela istrinya. Betapa banyak suami yang berani menyeberangi batasan-batasan syariat karena terlalu menuruti keinginan istri. Malangnya, setelah hubungan kekerabatan berantakan, karir hancur, harta tak ada lagi yang tersisa, banyak suami yang belum juga menyadari kesalahannya. Read more