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Windows 7 Ultimate

This day I’m trying the new windows7 very necessary, because the previous I have WindowsXP with  many problems against the compatibility of the hardware. There is a unique attempt to install at the beginning if we have a WindowsXP, the option does not have any direct format alias upgrade. After all finished more than about 1 hour, […]

Kaspersky Internet Security 7

I am going to change my Antivirus Program from the old one aka Kaspersky Antivirus 6 to the new one. I hope you know this Antivirus software not only the affiliated system for online marketing. You can download Kaspersky at their own server, we recomended you used Netherland server for fast download. I am trusted […]

Ke Manado dan Gorontalo ditunda

Sejak hari sabtu lalu, tepatnya 8 desember 2007 aku dalam perjalanan kejakarta untuk mengambil peralatan presentasi yang sedianya akan diadakan di wilayah Manado dan Gorontalo. Minggu pagi tiba di Jakarta segera mencari lokasi rumah kakak yang baru di bilangan villa inti pamulang. Karena baru pertama kali mengambah daerah sana cukup menyulitkan juga mencarinya. Alhamdulillah, akhirnya […]

Bid Your Price Here

Have you read bid4prizes? This company bid the prices for everything, like an electronic, game toys, Apple iphone or HDTV. Check it out, you may found what you need inside. Like this transformer animated iPod/MP3 speakers


Blog tools which i used, great and fast upgradeable for the security reason. They have the community to support all bugs, fixed all by founder and forum. Look the statement from the programmer and you can see too the tools is really small size different with the other one. You can find much more uploader […]