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Papa I Love You

That’s sounds behind my crying child, when he need me, where i must leave him for hard job. He said, “papa, i love you. Keep me intouch with you, leave your job for me and please work here”. I can’t swap my wet eyes, he still not well right now. Sorry i am using my […]

Cosaaranda Hacked

This day on my blog walking, get socked for Indonesian Blogger who support blogging preneur for free (although now we must pay) at cosaaranda.com was hacked. As i know Cosa lost the database or every post and he still build one-one at the bussiness centre. I am not its true or not but from the […]

Sell WOW Account, Earn Dollar

What if you have to play your own public and with the game? Of course, things are not easy to get, as I write about the game, the game in some other sites. That to be the best or have high points you should understand the patterns and game is war strategy. One of my […]

Dukung Brokencode di Busby SEO Competition!

Judul yang cukup panjang ya, tapi memang perjuangan untuk mendapatkan kemenangan dalam ajang bergensi di penghujung tahun ini adalah Busby SEO Test. Bagi yang belum tahu apa mengenai event ini, berarti anda belum update masalah cari Sego Kucing dengan mengedepankan unsur etnik optimasi search engine ini. Sebagai penghuni dunia maya selain melakukan share informasi, update […]