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Welcome rakus, denfatur and fivta

This day really beautiful, go shinny and everything so bright. I hear music from the Indonesian singer or band D’Masive with a song “Diantara Kalian” on romantic slow session. For last 3 days, i have 3 new blog from all my partner and my special friend. We share one each other how to manage weblog and how i can manage too many site for only 2 hours. They really interesting with how to make money with online sharing or everything what we do before. Continue reading


Nokia Maps 2.0

Overview Nokia Maps is taking maps and navigation experiences to the next level and introducing Walk – pedestrian navigation, in addition to Drive – world class car navigation, multimedia city guides, satellite maps and other innovative features. With free maps of more than 150 countries, over 15 million points-of-interest [POI], the world is in your pocket. Don’t get lost or choose to get lost in the right places to explore, and let Nokia Maps show you the way.

After we wrote form AGPS article and when Rosyidi give the comment here We need to know you about the benefit of Maps 2.0. You can see on the top post that the benefit of Nokia Maps 2.0 and below is the Nokia Maps Loader aka Maps Downloader. But for your information, Nokia Maps 2.0 now only support Series 60, for furture info please go to http://nokia.com/maps.

The new Services tab will let you browse through Drive*, Drive&Walk*, Traffic* and City Guides before deciding what to buy. In addition, the clear and easy to understand graphical representation will show what region is covered by the license. You will see exactly what you buy before buying. Selecting Guides will let you browse through City Guides and Multimedia Guides from all over the world. Selecting one will show you information on the contents and you can download them directly to your device. It has never been so easy to find the right guide for your destination!

New connection mode
Map Loader 2.0 now supports PC Suite connections. This means that you can connect several devices over USB or Bluetooth connection. Mass storage mode is also supported for older Nokia Maps versions and memory cards. In mass storage mode the new Services tab will not be available and Map Loader 2.0 will behave like Map Loader 1.x. On startup, a popup will show connected devices and will let you choose the drive/device to use. Make sure you have the latest PC Suite installed (http://www.nokia.com/pcsuite).

After selecting a navigation license or downloading a guide you will be transferred to the payment page. Enter you credit card data; confirm payment and the license will be downloaded to your device. Your credit card data is sent over a secure https connection. You will also receive an email receipt.

Purchased licenses
In the bottom of the Services screen, there is a list of your previously purchased licenses and their expiration date. This will help you to see when it is time to renew you licenses.

Download Map Loader 2.0 and let us know what you think! Make sure to uninstall any older version of maploader before installing Map Loader 2.0. Note that this is still a beta, so there are some limitations which still confused with Series 4.0.


A-GPS the Assisted Global Positioning System

What is Assisted GPS?
Assisted Global Positioning System (A-GPS) assists your device in finding satellites. When using A-GPS, your device receives useful satellite information from an assistance data server over the cellular network. When your device is not receiving assisted data, it tries to detect the available satellites. With the assisted data your device can detect the set of satellites that are worth listening to, that is, the satellites that are on the same side of the planet with your device. A-GPS speeds up the location calculation remarkably. A-GPS is a network service. It is used by default in Nokia devices that support A-GPS, if no service provider specific A-GPS settings are available. A-GPS is available in all countries and does not depend on specific operator services.

What are the advantages and benefits of A-GPS?
A-GPS is designed to enable the device to establish the satellite fix more quickly and reliably than with standalone GPS. For example, positioning is obtained faster in cold-start situations, that is, when the GPS connection has been off for a long time, or if the user has travelled to a different country. With A-GPS, the approximate time to establish a GPS connection decreases significantly. As it may take minutes for a device using GPS to establish a GPS connection in a cold-start situation, A-GPS decreases the required time typically to tens of seconds.

In addition, A-GPS reduces the time the device requires to find its current position, known as ‘Time To First Fix’ (TTFF), for most geographical locations worldwide.
GPS has some restrictions which also apply to A-GPS. For example, the availability and quality of signals may be affected by buildings, natural obstacles, weather conditions, and the location of the user. If you are indoors, move to an open space outdoors. Ensure also that your hand does not cover the GPS receiver, which is located in the bottom of your device.
What kind of cellular network and data connection is used for A-GPS?
A-GPS uses 3G and 2G cellular network connection and GPRS AND EGPRS packet data connection. You must also have an internet access point defined in your compatible device. Wireless LAN (WLAN) access points are not currently supported when using A-GPS.

Where can I use A-GPS?
A-GPS is available worldwide, as long as you have access to the cellular network and a data connection. You can also use the service outside your home network (while roaming). A-GPS does not depend on specific operator services.

What does A-GPS cost?
Downloading assisted data involves the transmission of some amounts of data through your service provider’s network. Typically getting the GPS connection with A-GPS requires less than 10kB of data being transferred.
All data transmission costs are paid by the user. Outside your home cellular network, that is, while roaming, the costs may vary. Contact the service provider for information about data transmission costs.

How do I start using A-GPS with Maps on my mobile device with internal GPS receiver (e.g. Nokia N95)?
When you use Nokia Maps for the first time, you have to define an internet access point for downloading map information and using A-GPS. The device asks: ‘Access point is required for secure positioning. Define now?’ or ‘Assisted GPS and network based positioning requires a network connection. Enable network usage and define access point now?’. The question depends on your device. To define the access point that A-GPS will use, select ‘Yes’. If you select ‘No’, you can define the access point later: select Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Positioning > Positioning Methods > Assisted GPS.

Which settings do I need for using A-GPS on my mobile device with internal GPS receiver (e.g. Nokia N95)?
1. Define the address for the positioning server. The settings should be defined automatically when the device is switched on for the first time. To check the server address, select Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Positioning > Positioning Server.
The address of the A-GPS is supl.nokia.com.
If your network service provider has defined its own A-GPS specific settings for your device, these will override the A-GPS settings when you switch on the device for the first time.
2. Define the access point to be used to connect to the positioning server. To define the access point, select Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Positioning > Positioning Server.
3. Activate A-GPS. To activate A-GPS, select Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Positioning > Positioning Methods > Assisted GPS.
How can I disable A-GPS on my mobile device with internal GPS receiver (e.g. Nokia N95)?
You can disable A-GPS and use standalone GPS instead.
To disable A-GPS, select Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Positioning > Positioning Methods > Assisted GPS.
How can I get the A-GPS to my mobile device with internal GPS receiver (e.g. Nokia N95)?
To download the updated software that has the A-GPS settings built in, use the Nokia Software Updater. It is a free PC application, which allows you to update the device software on compatible Nokia devices.
The link to Nokia Software Updater is available in the most recent versions of Nokia PC Suite software or directly at http://www.nokia.com/softwareupdate
What happens to my navigation license after I have updated the new software to my mobile device with internal GPS receiver (e.g. Nokia N95)?

After a software update, you can manually update your navigation license:
1. Start the Nokia Maps application.
2. Select Options > Extras > My licenses.
3. Select Update.
4. To allow a connection to the license server to check the purchase & license options, select ‘Yes’ and then select the correct internet access point if necessary.
5.A note ‘xxx-day license activated’ is displayed, in which ‘xxx’ refers to the number of days that are left of your license. Alternatively, the device informs you that the license is updated.

This article from Nokia.Com


Sakit di Singapura

Esok paginya kami berangkat bareng menggunakan Mobil Jemputan yang seharinya sekitar 250$, menuju Blok W5 di Republic Polytechnic kawasan Woodland. Jauh juga lokasinya, namun dari situ saya bisa tahu bagaimana lalu lintas disingapura, so amazing. Jalan Tol di jakarta kalah deh pokoknya, meski tanpa restribusi tol, jalan mereka full hotmix apalagi kalo ada yang pernah ke Esplanade sangat lancar. Jika ada macetpun tidak ada yang berani melakukan serobot menyerobot. Continue reading

Transit Batam – Singapore

pututik dan merlion singaporeTurun dari ferry yaitu di Hubberfrant lagi-lagi saya harus berurusan dengan pihak imigrasi, antrian panjang yang tadinya sudah membuat saya lelah, bertambah menyebalkan karena saya harus berurusan kurang lebih 2,5 jam. Setelah melakukan crossing fingerprint ditemukan bahwa ibu jari saya terdaftar atas nama warga India, Continue reading