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Update Status Yahoo Profile

Masih inget dengan lagu online syakoji kan? Nah hari ini baru saja pututik di sela-sela tidak bisa tidur di salah satu hotel di tengah kota Surabaya mencoba membuka email. Berhubung dingin ACnya, aku pake selimut dulu 😀 buat ngangetin badan taku nanti salah ngetik.

Fixed: 6120c Audio Recording

This video will show you, how the problem was exist in Nokia 6120c and how to fix it with the relative easy way. This bugs consist in Software version 5.11 with default language BAHASA INDONESIA. But I am sory only provide this video in Bahasa, not in english. Click and got to my OVi by […]

Welcome rakus, denfatur and fivta

This day really beautiful, go shinny and everything so bright. I hear music from the Indonesian singer or band D’Masive with a song “Diantara Kalian” on romantic slow session. For last 3 days, i have 3 new blog from all my partner and my special friend. We share one each other how to manage weblog […]

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