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2009 Buick Enclave

As part of activities, some day-to-day car facility is the primary although non increasingly needed. How not, global warming effect of the sting will be tortured to make our temperatures of the world too hot. Choosing a car is not only the design of an elegant but also in the drive comfort level.

Cosaaranda Hacked

This day on my blog walking, get socked for Indonesian Blogger who support blogging preneur for free (although now we must pay) at cosaaranda.com was hacked. As i know Cosa lost the database or every post and he still build one-one at the bussiness centre. I am not its true or not but from the […]

Fixed: 6120c Audio Recording

This video will show you, how the problem was exist in Nokia 6120c and how to fix it with the relative easy way. This bugs consist in Software version 5.11 with default language BAHASA INDONESIA. But I am sory only provide this video in Bahasa, not in english. Click and got to my OVi by […]

Lowongan dan Lapangan Kerja

Tahun 2009 terbayang di depan mata dan ternyata begitu santer berita mengenai kasus pemberhentian tenaga kerja di dengungkan oleh media massa. Adakah ungkapan ini benar atau tidak namun yang jelas begitu banyak sandungan di akhir 2008 membuat semua pihak semakin berkernyit di dahi. Pengusaha dalam negeri saja sudah mulai gulung tikar karena semakin terpojok oleh […]

Static and Dynamic Router

Static routing is configured manually. Routing table is set manually and stored in the router. No information sharing among the Network router. This resulted in the clear limitations because he can not automatically determine the best route; he always use the same routes that are likely not the best route. If the route change, static […]