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Sasha and Malia Dog

Other types of dogs are also popular poodle. Dogs to be unique because this is usually discounted hair was funny-funny. Hair back and the stomach be shaven bald. Then the hair up close to the thigh joint metatarsus be shaven bald.

New Google Adsense Management

Two weeks ago, we gave you a sneak peek of what was in store for November. Now, we’re happy to let you know that we’ve started rolling out our new ad management feature to publishers! As a reminder, this feature will save the settings of your ad units within your AdSense account. That means, each […]

Account Adsense Disabled

I don’t understand who do this one, but i respect to google with their term for security reason. I have 6 website that contain one google adsense account and the other from free server. By this one i will deleted all script and removed them, hope google give me another solution or another account. Thanks […]

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