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The best social networking now is internet and mobile sytems. Who don’t know about mailing list, group, blog or forum. But the other social networking which fast and always growth is mobile phone. We can meet people by voice, messenger, face to face and email without using pc or notebook.

Real time meet people with our mobile phone including gprs or 3G connection. All ages will use this system because really easy and user friendly. Everybody can used it, as far as the technology always was updated everytimes. Sure, who don’t use mobile phone, like primitif ya?

But now in Indonesia all gsm and cdma operator sell the cheap price, then they forgot their quality. Bad news for all user to meet people or friend, because when we try the connection usually down. Although call price is really cheap order but they forgot quality is more better for user. i reset the link


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  1. aggree! cheap price bad quality!

  2. #pudakonline: i am still mad with indosat 😛 always error

  3. bener banget tuh.. masa tiap malem gak ada sinyal sih si im3..

  4. #ridu: noku sering dianggap tidak terpakai 😛 payah

  5. ohh gitu ya… bener juga sih…

  6. #waterbomm: begitulah, murahan 🙁

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