My Anti Spam Not Work as Well

So confused editing antispam with SpamAssasin 3rd party software in my server.

Because all spam still entering my mail and booming my space. I have contact the support before, but id never get the answer. I have try everything to block the spam from my server, but my domain address block too by a lot of server. I don’t know its true or not but, some firewall like sygeate, spam blocker and symantec report dirctly to my email. I am affraid something happen and my domain will be reject cause of not my falls. Gegar Team, please help us…


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  1. waa… hostingnya di gegar???

    Jawab pututik:
    hmm, sudah lama kami berada di gegar, pelayanan cukup baik meskipun sempat ke hack juga dan habis deh data blog ini. tapi menurutku paling terbuka dalam majemen domain dibanding penyedia jasa yang sama lainnya.

  2. Spam emang bikin kesel 🙁
    Moga2 bisa mengatasinya. Kalo untuk wordpress SK2 udah cukup ampuh memberantas Spam 🙂

    Jawab pututik :
    ini spam yang masuk ke email bukan ke blog, kalo blog mah pake akismet kang dijamin aman deh

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