Ireland Hotels

ireland is my favorite place to review. it is beautiful, clean, not to big and it has some thing for everybofy. i love the building and vacation place out there. especially the streets wind up and down the hills, some of beautifull wooden houses and natural old brick on the either side.

one of my favorite things to do in ireland is stay at the takes you more comfortable sleep, most of them give us special product. and the views you get from the hotel are wonderfull.

and i like the weather in ireland hotels. it never gets too cold and the nice design. the fresh breezes blow off the ocean and the sky is always blue. another thing i enjoy about the city are the restaurants. the seafood restaurants, with lobster and crab are my favorite. the bus and taxi for transportation system are excellent.

Ireland has lot of hotels you may join with. Ireland Hotels, Dublin Hotels, Cork Hotels, Shannon Hotels or another hotels you can found at ireland hotels. stay in touch with the special and smart place to stay for your vacation.

Updated: October 30, 2018 — 7:53 pm


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  1. jadi pengen ke irlandia.. (lah emang pengen kemana2 juga sih, hehehe..)

  2. #ridu: dirumah aja deh ridu, pesawat mahal sekarang 😛

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