Fixed: 6120c Audio Recording

This video will show you, how the problem was exist in Nokia 6120c and how to fix it with the relative easy way. This bugs consist in Software version 5.11 with default language BAHASA INDONESIA. But I am sory only provide this video in Bahasa, not in english. Click and got to my OVi by the icture below

6120c - Share on Ovi

We rellease it for all of you which get the recording, still no sollution by software until this article was wrote. Case capture 4 month ago, we run to investigate which sollution it is.

Ok now how to fixed it?

  • Just used bahasa for language Nokia 6120c
  • record
  • If hang up, just find .amr and .wav without title
  • Delete it or rename it to another title like you.amr and love.wav
  • record <i promise this session will done>
  • do not exit after recording, just do “ganti nama/rename sound” save anda done.
  • repeat it for recording and don’t forget
  • Finish


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  1. ooohhhh. (pura2 ngerti)

  2. #galih: thanks dah datang dan semoga bermanfaat

  3. om, bluehost boleh buat warez ga? kalo boleh saya join deh

  4. wah, ga ngerti om. Ini untuk masalah bug rekaman ya? btw liat lihat videonya dulu ah

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