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Indeed, there are still many traders (fund managers) who work in a professional and responsible to fund their clients. But however much better if you own the start of trading and make money without “the fate” of funds you to other parties. Why?

Because if you succeed in the forex then you will not be dependent on others forever (fund manager or your boss). In the forex (foreign exchange) there are lots of opportunities (and how trading techniques) in the produce and make money. What you need is a trading system (trading system) your own personal. That way, or trading techniques that have proved profitable for you, consistent, and reliable (reliable). If you have found your personal trading system, the gate has been no success in front of the eye If you have advanced and successful in the world trading forex (foreign exchange) online, will work MONEY FOR YOU. Do not close the possibility you will be “prompted” by a friend or relation to the funds they play. We alone know some traders who have found their own trading system, a highly successful funds and then play up to their client count hundreds of thousands of EUR (billion rupiah) to millions of CAD (tens of billions of rupiah). Percentages are of course, they get very FOREIGN USUAL (USD thousands to tens of thousands USD per month!)

Fab Forex is a guide to online forex currency trading. Now you can invest in foreign currency from your personal computer at low exchange rates. Forex trading can be risky like playing the stock market, but with proper research and dedication there are massive profits to be made on the Forex market. Visit Forex Trading for more information.

What is Forex Trading (forex) Online gambling is (gambling)?
I can not be. Gambling or not is depending on the style of each trader. If you make a trade based on the “feeling” or speculative, and the original figure. You can be gambling, but if you make a trade based on technical analysis of forex and a mature, well-Technical Analysis (Technical Analysis) or fundamental analysis (Analysis of fundamentals), then you pejudi but is not a trader.

What is Forex Trading Business (forex) Online is a high risk?
Usually people who experienced large losses in the forex business are greedy and want rich quick regardless of the risks. The forex is a business that requires patience, exercise analyze the market, and risk management. The more often you practice, the more skilled you will analyze the market, and I guarantee you will not want to work longer a slave of money, but money will work for you.
In forex you can determine how much profit you’d like to get and how many losses are the responsibility of you. So essentially, is the “actors” in the back. Not forex high risk, but how the style of the traders themselves.

What is Forex Trading (forex) Online is only for rich people, in the sense that requires a large amount of capital?
No, because the forex trading (forex) Online with different forex trading (forex) traditional (offline). Online trading service providers (for convenience I will call the broker) is usually only require that the initial deposit is relatively small (a minimum of approximately USD $ 250), or even free. (Special for beginners can click on HERE to sign up to the broker forex (foreign exchange) and get a free $ 5 to register only). Try to compare with the traditional forex brokers require a minimum initial deposit $ 10,000.

What are the advantages Forex Trading (forex) Online trading compared with the traditional (offline)?
Many online brokers that provide the facilities free of commission, while offline brokers in Indonesia typically charge $ 50 each settlement / close to the open position. You can monitor directly the position that you open and the decision to buy or sell 100% in your hands. Good when you want to close the position, how much you’d like to play, how many pairs in the position, etc. You can learn forex practices directly without using a broker services less often responsible for the fate / loss from clients (because although win or lose, in the end the broker you will get a permanent commission)

You can use the lot number of flexible (which is to help you have limited capital)
Spreads (the difference between the selling price and buying) small (the smaller the better) so that the possibility of profit you higher Distance message position (pending order) are relatively small (10 points) and closed position, which is usually only 1-5 points only. Compare that with brokers offline pending orders must be at least 30 points from running, and at least 10 points a position close to deadlock. You can be trading directly with service providers (brokers) without any intermediary (middleman, often in disalahartikan as a broker) You will experience a very valuable way to practice and the practice of trading directly with the way open for a free demo account and use the trading software available on the internet. There are lots of indicators, analysis, trading and software that is complete on the internet.

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