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Windows 7 Ultimate

This day I’m trying the new windows7 very necessary, because the previous I have WindowsXP with  many problems against the compatibility of the hardware. There is a unique attempt to install at the beginning if we have a WindowsXP, the option does not have any direct format alias upgrade. After all finished more than about 1 hour, […]

Kaspersky Internet Security 7

I am going to change my Antivirus Program from the old one aka Kaspersky Antivirus 6 to the new one. I hope you know this Antivirus software not only the affiliated system for online marketing. You can download Kaspersky at their own server, we recomended you used Netherland server for fast download. I am trusted […]

Spam Remover Trick

I found usefull trick by my own caused of damn daily spam in my main email at with outlook express for Windows XP and if I trust the brain spam remover software now, like Mail Washer from firetrust. Without any bla..bla… so do with your self now and make free space for your hosting service.