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A-GPS the Assisted Global Positioning System

What is Assisted GPS? Assisted Global Positioning System (A-GPS) assists your device in finding satellites. When using A-GPS, your device receives useful satellite information from an assistance data server over the cellular network. When your device is not receiving assisted data, it tries to detect the available satellites. With the assisted data your device can […]

Nokia E71 LIAM

Optimise your e-mail experience with the Nokia E71 (code name LIAM), built to keep your work and free time as integrated or separate as you like with customisable business and personal modes. Improve efficiency with greater portability, one-touch keys and go places with built-in A-GPS and Nokia Maps. Size – Form: Monoblock with full keyb […]

Natural Social Network

The best social networking now is internet and mobile sytems. Who don’t know about mailing list, group, blog or forum. But the other social networking which fast and always growth is mobile phone. We can meet people by voice, messenger, face to face and email without using pc or notebook. Real time meet people with […]

Agustus Penuh Kegiatan

Aku hampir mengalami down ketika mendapat berbagai tambahan pekerjaan dari atasan, komplain daerah yang butuh support, rekruitment dan acara 17 agustusan di kampung. Hampir tiap hari sejak akhir juli hingga sekarang di akhir agustus ini bertubi-tubi harus kuhandle. Sebagai warga kampung tentu harus ikut memeriahkan acara 17 agustusan, baik sebagai panitia maupun team pencari hadiah […]